The Artist

As a wedding photographer serving both Brisbane and Toowoomba, Jake is perhaps best known for his authentic, dramatic, and timeless photography. Light, texture, dimension, mood, composition, anticipation, passion, emotion, energy, romance, and relationships are the elements that he’ll use to create your inspiring and timeless wedding photos. In terms of approach, He focuses on chronicling your day organically. In other words, He’ll photograph you, your family, and your friends in a way that reflects the natural nuances and uniqueness that is your wedding. You might find it interesting that ever since picking up a camera at the age of 10 he has spent most of his professional career as a commercial dance and documentary photographer. The unique opportunity to travel to different parts of the world including East Timor, Vietnam, New Zealand etc has given him unparalleled imagination and experience to capture – your wedding story.

And as part of that tale he’ll create unique and visually inspiring images where you and your fiancé will always look your best. He’ll be there to photograph and anticipate both planned and unplanned moments—from the obvious to the inconspicuous. Diligence and vigilance will be his bywords as he creates photographs that will make you laugh, sigh, and cry—photographs that you’ll cherish for decades to come. This is his promise.

“Over the last fifteen years I’d had the privilege of photographing many many weddings, creating moving photographs of brides, grooms, families, and friends through honest wedding stories—and I’d love to photograph your event. If your event is in Brisbane or Toowoomba or anywhere in the world, and you’re looking for a wedding photographer committed to capturing your real story, I hope that you’ll consider me. I’d love nothing more than to photograph your wedding and I hope to meet you both soon.” – from Jake Bui